Monday, July 31, 2017

Freezing Columns or Rows

When you have a large table or database, and you wish to keep the headings visible, it is an easy matter to Freeze the Panes so you never lose sight of your titles or captions.

This practice is particularly helpful not only to a user who is doing data entry, but also anyone who is reviewing a worksheet. To keep the headings on the screen, simply:

1.   Click the Row Number which corresponds to the row immediately beneath the column headings
2.   Select View – Freeze Panes - Freeze Panes

Conversely, if you have information that you wish to keep visible in your left-most column, simply:
1.   Click the Column Letter which corresponds to the column immediately to the right of the column you with to keep in view
2.   Select View – Freeze Panes - Freeze Panes

That is all there is to it! To restore a frozen worksheet, select any cell on your worksheet and go to: View – Freeze Panes – Unfreeze Panes

You can now scroll your data whenever you wish and still see the headings. Now, that’s Cold…

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