Tuesday, July 18, 2017

REPT Function + Wingdings

As I have mentioned in the past, the REPT function is an often overlooked and underused tool in Excel. Here is a Fun (and hopefully inspiring…) way to use REPT with Wingdings to create a Customer Service Rating Table/Chart.

Let’s assume you have a call center, and you wish to graphically display the current ratings/results by agent. With reference to the example below, here is what to do:
1.   Create a simple table showing the call center agents in your department, along with their current ratings (1-5 in this case…).
2.   In the “Rating” column, insert the formula, =REPT("(",C4), in the first cell, D4.
3.   Copy the formula down to the last adjacent entry, D12
4.   Format the Rating column to Wingdings

That’s it! With very little effort, you can create a visually interesting rating system for a call center using the highly appropriate icon of a telephone. What Fun!

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