Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Quick Analysis

Viable Shortcuts are the domain of true experts. As I have always said, “There is no glory in effort”, and genuine Excel specialists make it all seem so easy.

One terrific new shortcut in included in Excel 2016. The Quick Analysis instrument is remarkably easy to access and use on any applicable table of database. It gives you immediate access to a variety of tools, including:

·       Data Bars
·       Color Scales
·       Icon Sets
·       Greater Than
·       Top 10%

Here is How It Works:

Select the range to analyze and type CTRL-Q. This brings up the Quality Analysis gallery (see illustration below) which gives you access to all the above-mentioned tools. You can even hover over each option to preview the effects.
In the example below, the Data Bars tool was used to quickly add graphical information of the Billing ranges.
The Quick Analysis (CTRL+Q) will be your new friend. Give it a try, and see if that isn’t true. It is a shortcut no expert should be without!

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