Monday, August 7, 2017

Conditional Formatting Rule Manager

Conditional Formatting is, as many of us know, an excellent way to visualize trends, spot abnormal values, provide quick analysis, and much more. Using the Rules Manager tool, you can access a first-class way to create and control Conditional Formatting.

The ability to "Create and Control" from one resource is the key advantage in applying this time-saver.

To apply new formatting using the Rules Manager, do the following:
1.   Select the range or individual cells you wish to format
2.   On your ribbon, go to Home – Conditional Formatting – Manage Rules
3.   Once in Manage Rules, click on New Rule, and choose:
a.   Format all cells based on their values
b.   Format only cells that contain
c.    Format only top or bottom ranked values
d.   Format only values above or below average
e.   Format only unique or duplicate values
f.    Use a formula to determine which cells to format
4.   Click OK twice

The Rules Manager is a convenient One-Stop Resource for your Conditional Formatting needs. As with anything in Excel, if you can occasionally eliminate a few steps, it can add up to significant time-saving overall.

The Rules Manager – Who knew?...

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