Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Looks Matter!

Looking Good Matters. Simple as that. This applies as much to business as it does in any other facet of society. Somewhat curiously, there are a large number of Excel practitioners who completely Dismiss the importance of aesthetics, saying it is “the data that counts”.

Obviously, the viability of the data is of preeminent importance, but if no one looks at it or takes it seriously, what does that matter? Studies have repeatedly shown that Emotions play an important role in the users’ experience. They also tell a good many about Your Brand, product or service. Just look at the products by Apple.

When it comes to making Engaging Charts, the Design Ribbon, ushered in with Excel 2007, clearly gives you several ways to enhance the appearance of visually-displayed data. Among the possibilities that are readily are the following Options for you on this ribbon:

1. Change the Chart Type (piece of cake!)
2. Chart Layouts (Many ways to display titles, labels, legends, etc)
3. Chart Styles (A generous variety of color and 3-D options)

You can also go to the Format tab and find a great many ways to make your work stand out in a Sea of Mediocrity:

1. Shadows
2. Glow
3. Soft Edges
4. 3-D Format
5. 3-D Rotation

So, once again, why is this important? Well, consider this: If your audience is going to Understand the Message your chart is conveying, they are going to need to Be Engaged by it First! The two major ‘C’s of good communication:

1. Captivate Your Audience
2. Convey Your Message

Good Communication is what it is all about!

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cairobrian said...

Mr. DeLaMarte- Hi, my name is Brian O'Neill, and I am writing from, a site dedicated to technical office issues. I am sorry to be using your comment section for this, but for some reason the email link wasn't working- I blame my computer. Anyway, we are working on an article about using Excel in restaurants and how using it could be beneficial to owners and operators. I am reaching out to you due to your expertise in the area, and your talent for making complicated issues readable for non-experts. Of course, any quotes we use will be attributed to you with a link back to your site. In what area of restaurant operations do you think Excel would be most beneficial? Payroll? Menu? Or can it help in many areas. We aren't looking to take much of your time; just a little insight from an expert. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

Brian O'Neill