Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts for 2013

As you may know, every year I like to review my Current Favorite Excel Keyboard Shortcuts. This obviously changes over time as I learn new tricks and incorporate them into my daily work with Excel. New keyboard shortcuts can take a little time to get accustomed to, but it is almost always a worthwhile endeavor.

As I have said in the past, learning and using Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel will greatly enhance your speed and efficiency. Using shortcuts also will help relieve stress on your wrist from overuse of the mouse, and will Set You Apart from the Rank-and-File Excel Users.

So, without further ado, here in Reverse Order are my current favorite (and highly recommended) Top Ten Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for 2013:

10. F1 (Pulls up Excel Help – We can all use a little help now and then…)
9. F5 (Show the Go To menu – particularly useful with Named Ranges)
8. Ctrl + P (Pulls up the Print Dialog Box – Nice!)
7. Alt + + (Inserts AutoSum – Saves you from going to the toolbar)
6. Alt F (Pulls up your Files Menu – Very convenient!)
5. CTRL + 9 (Hides the selected rows – Cleans up your worksheet…)
4. F11 (Creates a Chart from your selection – Still an all-time favorite!)
3. Ctrl + N (Inserts a New Workbook – I use this often…)
2. Ctrl + Z (Undo Previous Action – Handy when you’re working fast!)

And My Number One Favorite Shortcut for 2013 is (this is even a little surprising to me…):

1. Ctrl + [ (Reveals Direct Dependents – Incredibly useful for quick audits!)

That’s it as of April 24, 2013! Depending on the details of your own work, you may rank them differently, but you may well find some of them indispensable in the future.

Happy Excelling All!

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