Monday, November 6, 2017

Sparklines Series #4

This week we are continuing with the fourth installment of our series on the surprisingly versatile and useful Excel tool called Sparklines.

As we have noted, these Miniature Charts fit into a single cell or range in your worksheet and, as with any chart, they provide you with a visual representation of your data. The beauty of Sparklines, of course is that they provide this visual representation without having to resort to a full-blown chart.
Let’s see what else we can do with these Miniature Marvels. For instance, let’s say that you want to add a little bit more Visual Pizzazz to your Sparkline group. Here is what you do:

Change the Color and Weight of Your Sparklines
1.   First select a Sparkline or Sparkline group, and then choose Sparkline Tools/Design
2.   Then select a style of your choosing to change both the Sparkline and the Marker color
3.   Alternatively, you can change just the Sparkline color and weight

Customize the Axis Settings
1.   Select the Sparkline or Sparkline group
2.   Choose Sparkline Tools/Design
3.   Choose the Axis and options of your choice

Sparklines. Who knew all the wonders of the small but powerful tools?

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