Tuesday, December 8, 2015

You May Need Excel 2016…

After having worked with Excel 2016 for a while now, I am convinced that many of us may Need (or at very least Want) Excel 2016.  Here are four of the reasons:

1)  Support for TouchScreen: Excel 2016 works great with a keyboard and mouse, of course, but it also supports an exceptional Touch mode that adds space between command buttons on the Ribbon. This makes them easier to select with your finger (or stylus if you prefer) as well as supporting the major touchscreen gestures.

    2)  Excel Online: If you find yourself without a device running Excel 2016, you are still okay. As part of an Office 365 subscription you can use Excel Online in almost any major web browser and still review and edit your workbooks.
    3)  Cloud File Support: The new Excel Save and Open screens make it easy to add your OneDrive (or SharePoint) site as a place to store and edit your workbooks. By using the Cloud, you are assured access to them on any device running Excel 2016.

    4)  Pivot Table Enhancements: Along with the addition of Slicers and Timelines, Excel will now recommend and create a pivot table for you. Locate the cell cursor in one of the cells of the data list and select Insert/Table/Recommended on the Ribbon. Excel 2016 shows you a list of different pivot tables that you can create on a new worksheet in the current Excel workbook. All you need to do is click OK, and Bamm, new pivot table!

There are other new Cool Features, of course, and I may talk about those in a future post. Right now, however, the above four particularly strike me as some many of may Need


Unknown said...

Yess i need it. I am currently having Excel 2010. When it is coming.

faryal naaz said...

All very good points to note!!! Looking forward to seeing what is in the baggies!
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