Tuesday, December 1, 2015

All Along the Watchtower

We all know how potentially daunting it can be to keep an eye on the values of certain cells that are not immediately visible on a worksheet. This can be especially problematical if you are working with a spreadsheet that has grown very large in size, as continual scrolling to remote areas on your spreadsheet can be time-consuming and tedious.

This is where the Watch Window shines!  This powerful tool is often overlooked by even the most experienced Excel users. The Watch Window can display the value of any cell or cells in a viewing pane that can be relocated (as with any toolbar) on your screen. This handy toolbar keeps track of the following assets of any cell you wish to keep tabs on:

  • Workbook
  • Sheet
  •  Name
  • Cell
  • Value
  • Formula
Here is how you set it up:
  1. Select the Formulas tab on the ribbon
  2. Select Watch Window from the Formula Auditing section
  3. The Watch Window will appear
  4. Click the Add Watch button to specify the cell(s) you wish to monitor
Simple as that!  What a great way to watch the critical areas of your data!

As Bob Dylan wrote, “All along the Watchtower, Princes kept the view…”

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