Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Three Swift Actions

As I have told my students many times, “There is no glory in effort”.  If you can achieve the same results in a short time and with less effort, Bravo to you, well done!

Here are 3 Swift Shortcut Actions that can save you time, effort, and (perhaps most importantly) make you even more indispensable as the Go-To Professional for manipulating data in Excel:
#1 – Swift Navigation to Worksheets: Rather than scrolling a large workbook, access a quick and easy shortcut to the worksheet of your choice by right-clicking the lower-left corner of your workbook. A Menu will appear showing the Workbook Tab Names. You can then choose your location and navigate to it directly. You can go right to your worksheet and skip by the rest – Totally Cool!

#2 – Swift Formatting: Select the cell or range with the formatting you wish to copy, click the Paint Brush on your toolbar. Your cursor will then turn into a brush that you can use to “Paint” any other cell or range with the formatting you have picked up from the previous cell or range (you can think of your selection as the Paint Can).

#3 – Swift Chart:  Always a crowd-pleaser, you can simply select your table of data, and press F11 at the top of your keyboard. In the blink-of-an-eye, a full-featured chart will be inserted in your workbook. If you don’t like the default chart choice, just right-click it and choose Change Series Chart Type.

Three Swift Tricks
– There’s No Glory in Effort!

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Gareth Hayter said...

An alternative method of navigating worksheets is the Quick Navigator feature in the FormulaDesk add-in: CTRL+TAB displays a pop-up window with all the sheets, arranged by recency. This means that pressing and immediately releasing CTRL+TAB will switch you to the sheet you were on previously....and pressing CTRL+TAB again witll bring you back again.