Thursday, November 21, 2013

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

Like many useful features in Excel, the Quick Access Toolbar is often overlooked by even the savviest Excel users. This handy feature appears above the ribbon on the left and by default includes the commands, Save, Undo, and Redo.

While that is nice, So Much More can be added to this convenient locale.

By clicking the dropdown arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar, you can easily add commonly used commands such as Sort, Quick Print, Email, etc.

Don’t Stop There, however! After accessing the dropdown menu, click on More Commands (near the bottom). Excel will then present an Excel Options dialogue box that gives you hundreds of choices that you can add (Caution: It is easy to get carried away…).

1.   Choose the type of command you want to add from the Choose Commands From list. Popular Commands is the default, but you can also have other options.

2.  Select the command you want to add to your newly enhanced toolbar and click the Add button. The command button will then appear on the list on the right.

3.  Then use the Move Up and Move Down arrows to reorder buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar.

4.   Click OK

The result will be an Extremely Convenient customized toolbar that you will likely find to be one of your Favorite Excel features!


NewNewConservative said...

This is by far my favorite feature. I placed the format painter to the far left, so now I just type Alt-1 and boom, format painter, Alt-2 is save. Alt-0I and Alt-0J insert or delete columns, etc... It's powerful, and can really speed up whatever you're trying to do.

NewNewConservative said...
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