Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why to Use AutoCorrect...

“I Haven’t Got Time to Save Time”. You may not have ever heard or said these words, but the fact is that many people conduct their professional lives as if this phrase were the mantra to their philosophy.

Being an Excel Enthusiast, you naturally believe there are easier ways to do things, and that brings to today’s subject, AutoCorrect!

If you routinely need to type out a Company Name or any other so-called “Boilerplate” text in Either Excel or Word, you can Save Time by setting up your AutoCorrect option to Automatically change the text you are writing.

Of course, AutoCorrect is initially set up with a list of typical misspellings and symbols, but this is for the everyday masses, not Excel Gurus such as yourself! Let’s say you work for National Public Radio, and the legal department wants the entire name of your service Spelled Out each time it is entered into a worksheet.

While this may seem like a chore, AutoCorrect can make this is as easy as typing NPR.

Here is How You can Set this Up:

1. Go to FILE and select Options from the bottom of the column

2. Choose Proofing and click on the AutoCorrect Options button

4. In the Replace box, type NPR

5. In the With box, type National Public Radio

6. Click Add and then OK That’s all there is to it! But wait! There is also a World of Opportunities to have a little Fun as well!

Let’s say you have a friend named Gary at work (any name will do). While he is away from his computer, go into AutoCorrect and enter Gary in the Replace box and Geek Boy in the With box.

Do this in Word also, and he will be stunned every time he types his name! This is great adolescent fun, (but it helps if you know Gary has a sense-of-humor…). Just be sure you have him do this in your presence, so he doesn’t unnecessarily embarrass himself (and you).

Using AutoCorrect can better your life. Unless, of course, You don’t have Time to Save Time…

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