Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Embedding Excel in Other Programs

We all agree that Excel is the Quintessential Tool for crunching numbers and developing corporate information. There are times, however, when you may want to Upgrade the way you present your findings to the stakeholders of the data.

If, for instance, you are making a presentation with PowerPoint, it is typically much more effective if you insert your Excel information, (a chart, for instance), rather than having to switch programs midstream.

To do this, simply open a PowerPoint presentation (or Word document if that suits your purposes) to add the Excel worksheet, then Insert Object. Choose Microsoft Excel Chart from the Object Type and click OK.
You will instantly have a generic Excel chart inserted into your presentation or document. From there, it is equally easy:

• Just right-click the chart and choose Edit Data from the dropdown list. You can import it from a worksheet you have already created or, if you choose, create your own data on the spot.

• Changing the Chart Type can also be accomplished from the same dropdown, as can formatting (Format Chart Area…)

• If you want to save the chart image as a static image, you can choose Save as Picture and save to a file, locking in all that you have done for possible future use.

By using these tools, you can enhance that overt Professionalism in your presentations and documents. Very cool!

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