Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Missing Data Entry Form

The highly useful Data Entry Form was a favorite of many Excel users in the past, and for many savvy gurus, it still is.

Besides being an efficient way to enter data into an Excel database, the Form also allows you to:

   • Edit or delete individual records
   • Scroll through each of your data records
   • Locate records containing specific information

The primary use for most Excel aficionados is, of course, Data Entry (ergo the name of the form…).

Back in the day of Excel 2003 (and prior versions), the Form was neatly located in the Data dropdown list on the toolbar. Starting with Excel 2007, however, it was not shown on any of the default ribbons, and many users simply forgot about this great little tool (or thought it was no longer available).

So Where Did It Go?

Good News: It is still available, even on Excel 2013. To add it onto the ribbon of your choice, simply do the following:

   1. Go to Options / Customize Ribbon
   2. Choose Commands Not Shown on the Ribbon
   3. Scroll down to Form and add it to a New Group in the location of your choice

This handy little form will now be readily available whenever you may need it. If you have never used it, give it a try!

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