Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Top Ten Keyboard Shortcuts for 2012

As any of you long-time readers of this blog know, every year or so, I like to take a look at what my Current Favorite Excel Keyboard Shortcuts are. This changes over time as I learn new tricks and incorporate them into my daily work with Excel.

Have no doubt about it, learning and using Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel will greatly enhance your speed and efficiency. Using shortcuts also will help relieve stress from overuse of the mouse, and will Set You Apart from Mere-Mortal Excel Users.

So, in Reverse Order, here are my current favorite (and highly recommended) Top Ten Excel Keyboard Shortcuts for 2012:

10.  CTRL+SHIFT+% (Applies the Percentage Format with no decimal places – Handy!)
 9.   CTRL+; (Enters the Current Date – I’m a time freak…)
 8.   ALT+F1 (Creates an Embedded Chart of the selected data – Far Out!)
 7.   Ctrl + H (Find and Replace – I wouldn’t want to live without it!)
 6.   CTRL+9 (Hides the selected rows – Tidies up your worksheet…)
 5.   F5 (Brings up the Go TO dialogue box – Great for navigating to a named range!)
 4.   SHIFT+TAB (Moves to the Previous Cell – I use it all of the time…)
 3.   Ctrl + Home (Brings you to the Start of the Worksheet – Oldie, but a Goodie!)
 2.   ALT+F4 (Closes Excel – Hey, you’ve got to knock off work sometime…)

And My Number One Favorite Shortcut for 2012 is (you may think this is a curious…):

 1.   CTRL+K (Displays the Insert Hyperlink dialog box for new hyperlinks – Very useful when making sophisticated, interactive workbooks!)

There you have it! Try a few, and see how they can make your Excel life Even Better!

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