Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three Terrific Tricks!

In the 4+ years this blog has been published, three of the most popular Excel Tricks have been the following. They are Easily Mastered, and they can definitely make your life a bit easier in Excel World…

#1 Selecting Data or the Entire Worksheet
Select any cell in your database and click Ctrl+A on your keyboard; Bamm! You have selected the database. Want to select the entire worksheet? Just click the “A” once again!

#2 Copy the Formatting of a Cell or Range and Apply it to Another Cell or Range
Select the cell or range with the formatting you wish to copy, (Note: This works for Conditional Formatting as well), and click the Paint Brush on your toolbar. Your cursor will then turn into a brush that you can use to “Paint” any other cell or range with the formatting you have picked up from the previous cell or range (think of the selection as the Paint Can).

#3 Display Formulas So You can Troubleshoot Issues
This is so easy, you will laugh. Select any cell on cell on your worksheet and while holding down the Ctrl key, press “~” on your keyboard. Alacazam! All of your formulas will be visible!

Are these Simple Tricks off the Hook, or What! Take five minutes and give them a try!

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