Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seven Super Shortcuts!

I admit, I love Keyboard Shortcuts. It takes a bit of time for some of them to become second-nature, but in the long run, it is definitely be worth the effort. All of the following involve holding down the ALT key while pressing other keys:

First of all, some cool ways to insert a Chart:

1. Choose a data range & Press ALT + N + A to insert an Area Chart
2. Choose a data range & Press ALT + N + B to insert a Bar Chart
3. Choose a data range & Press ALT + N + E to insert a Pie Chart

You say you want to apply Sorting or Filtering? We have you covered:

4. Press ALT + D + S to apply Sort
5. Press ALT + H + S + F to apply Filter

Finally, if you wish to insert Shapes or Clipart into Excel, you can:

6. Press ALT + N + SH to insert Shapes
7. Press ALT + N + F to insert Clip Art

Well, what are you waiting for?   Give these a try, and raise your Excel Guru Rating a notch or two!

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