Thursday, July 14, 2011

Contest, Prizes, Plus AND, OR!

Due to the enthusiasm the contest last November generated, I thought it would be fun to run another one for all of the Excel Enthusiast Subscribers on Kindle. There are currently 302 Subscribers from 5 different countries (Thanks so much!).

First, however, a brief look at the AND and OR function in Excel. As with most Logic Functions, the AND and OR functions return a TRUE or FALSE result.

The OR function is very Inclusive. If Any of the conditions, (see syntaxes below), are True, then the OR function will return a True result.

The AND function, on the other hand is Exclusive. If Any of the conditions are False, then the AND function will return a False result (All of the conditions must be True to return a True result).

OR Function Syntax: OR(Condition1, Condition2, Condition3, etc)
AND Function Syntax: AND(Condition1, Condition2, Condition3, etc)

For example, OR(A1>200,A2>200,A3>200) returns TRUE if Any of the cells referenced are over 200.

In the case of the following, AND(A1>200,A2>200,A3>200) returns TRUE only if All of the cells referenced are over 200.

These functions can be used very effectively when nested with other functions, such as the IF function.

Now to the Contest! Please send me an email with your Favorite or Most Used Function in Excel. Three names of 3 Responders will be randomly chosen and each will be sent a genuine One-Ounce Lakota Copper Bullion Coin. These bullion coins are 99.9% solid copper and are a bit larger than an old-fashioned Silver Dollar (an impressive coin to have in your pocket…).

Here are the Simple Rules:

1. Send an email to with your favorite Excel function
2. Attach an example if you wish
3. Get your entry in by midnight July 28.

I hope to hear from you soon! Prizes will be sent on July 29, and Results of the Contest / Survey will be posted in early August.

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