Thursday, November 4, 2010


People who use Excel are Cool! They have used Excel for notonly ingenious ways to crunch data and design stunning charts, but also suchthings as tracking weight loss and designing quilts.

They have used Excel in so many unique and interesting ways that I thought it would be fun to hold a contest for the Kindle Excel Enthusiasts subscribers. I am very sure many of you have used Excel in ways that be of great interest toother Excel Enthusiasts.

So, here are the simple rules:

1. Send an email to
with a brief description of the cool and/or innovative way you have used Excel.
2. Attach an example if you wish, and please keep the attachment to less than 3mb.
3. Get your entry in by midnight November 15.

The winner will receive a new 8GB Kingston Datatraveler flash drive via U.S. mail the following week, and will have their name and Excel creation announced in the following week’s blog along with any honorable mentions.

Please let me hear from you; it will be Fun!

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