Thursday, April 15, 2010

Top Ten Excel Shortcuts!

I was just sitting here thinking about what my own Top Ten Best Excel Shortcuts would look like, so I have decided to create it and post it in this week’s Excel Enthusiast Blog Here they are in reverse order (ala Letterman’s Top Ten…):

10. Ctrl + ; (Enter the current date )
9. Ctrl + Arrow key (Move to next section of text –Quick!)
8. Shift + F3 (Open the Excel formula wizard)
7. Ctrl + P (Bring up the print dialog box)
6. Ctrl + Shift + ! (Format number in comma format – Nice!)
5. Ctrl + K (Insert a hyperlink – Wow!)
4. Ctrl + Tab (Move between open Excel files – Handy!)
3. F11 (Create a quick chart – Cool!)
2. Ctrl+C (Where would we be without the quick copy combo)

And the Number One Best Shortcut Is (Drum roll, please)...

1. Ctrl+Z (Undo of previous action – Super useful!)

There you have it! Depending on the details of your own work, you may sort them differently, but they are all very useful. Happy Excelling!

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