Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hyperlinks in Excel

Being able to jump from one location to another online is entirely commonplace when you log onto a website. The ability to do this within an Excel workbook can add both Functionality and Coolness!

By using hyperlinks in a worksheet, the user can instantly access another area in the workbook, another relevant workbook or application, or a place on the web. You can insert a hyperlink into a cell or a shape in any version of Excel.

So how do you insert a hyperlink into your worksheet? It is, as I have said about other techniques in Excel, so Easy you will laugh!

In either Excel 2003 or Excel 2007, simply choose the cell that you want to put the link into, and go to Insert / Hyperlink. Then click on the appropriate Link to area in the left-hand column, and complete the address information. Bamm! You have your Link!

If you would like to make your worksheet even cooler, however, you can quite easily draw a shape like a Button for your link. For instance, you can choose the Rounded Rectangle in the Shapes to draw your own custom buttons in your worksheet, (you can even mimic a website design). From there it is an easy matter of selecting the button (shape) and creating the hyperlink like you do for a cell.

Hyperlinks can add convenient navigation options and Pizzazz to your Excel sheets! Give it a try!

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