Thursday, March 11, 2010

Unique Names for a DropDown List

Getting a list of Unique Names for a DropDown Box is easy. As we discussed in the February 18 post, DropDown Boxes can be a real boon for a professional-looking report.

In order to obtain a list of Unique Names just do the following easy steps:

1) Select the original range of names (See column 'B' All Names).

2) Go to Advance Filter, and choose “Copy to another location” action.

3) In the "Copy to" box, select a cell for the starting point.

4) Check the checkbox for "Unique records only" and click OK.

Presto! A list of Unique Names to use for your DropDown Box!

1 comment:

Jerbi said...

wich version of Excel is that?isnt by default the dropdown in excel has a unique Names?