Thursday, March 18, 2010

Life Beyond Microsoft

This blog is entitled Excel Enthusiasts, but let’s face it; there are other spreadsheet applications out there worth looking at.

Perhaps the most interesting is the Numbers application in the iWork suite by Apple. Numbers has over 250 functions, (comparable to Excel), including some unique ways to calculate time that you do not see in other applications. There are many terrific templates and, typical of Apple’s penchant for graphics, creating gorgeous charts is a breeze.

Since most of the computing world speaks Excel, it would be a drag if Numbers was not compatible with our favorite software. Happily, you can save and export your files in an Excel format, as well as in PDF and several other common formats. You can also share your work by uploading it to a new private iWork website that Apple has made available (you can send a special URL to anyone you wish to collaborate with).

Another late-breaking Numbers feature is that it will be available on the new Apple iPad (arriving April 3) in a new format that will allow you to use in a finger-friendly interface, (yes, I have mine on order…).

Now, is this Apple product truly cooler than our favorite tool, Excel? Probably not, but it does have some intriguing features you might be interesting in. Happy exploring!

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