Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When in Rome...

Once in a while, it is good to have a bit of geeky fun. Although of no real practical use, it can be interesting, (once again, in a geeky sort of way), to play around with Roman numerals. For an Excel user, it is particularly interesting to find that the application has a built-in Roman numeral function.

Practicality, of course, can be overrated, and it is readily apparent that Hollywood, Football, and the Olympics have all used Roman numerals on a regular basis. If you also wish to do this sometime in Excel, (I probably wouldn’t recommend it for your next quarterly report to your boss, unless the individual has a really good sense of humor), you can use the Roman function.

For a classic numeral, (other formats are available, but who needs them…), simply enter a value in cell A1 and type, “=Roman(A1)” in cell B1. Hit Enter and Presto, a Roman numeral of the A1 number! Now you will be all set if the NFL needs someone to come up with the name for the next Super Bowl!

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Nilesh Jethwa said...

use of for building dashboards with excel data