Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dynamic Chart Title (Oh, Wow!)

If you are looking for an “Oh, Wow!” feature for your next report containing a chart, the use of a Dynamic Chart Title is for you! By linking the chart title to a value displayed in a specific cell on your worksheet, you can create a very accessible chart that will amaze and delight your users.

As we have discussed before, it is super easy to create a dropdown list using Validation/List. If you have created a table that changes in accordance with the value shown in the dropdown, (e.g. a salesperson’s name), you can in turn create a chart that shows the updated data (e.g. a salesperson’s performance), along with the sales professional’s name in the title.

Here is how you do it:

1. Select the Chart Title
2. Go to the formula bar and type “ = ” and
3. Select the cell to which you want to link (be sure to use an absolute reference)
4. (Note: The final cell reference formula should look something like: “ =Sheet1!$B$2

Oh, Wow! What a great way to add functionality, ease-of-use, and Pizzazz to your reports!

Happy Holidays, All!

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