Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sparklines Series #2

Last week we started an overall inspection of the powerful little Excel tool whimsically name Sparklines.
These Miniature Charts fit into a single cell or range in your worksheet and can provide you with a visual representation of your data without having to resort to a full-blown chart.
Among the several advantages for using Sparklines, (Simplifying your visual representations of your data, creating Mini-Trendlines, etc.), they are also quite versatile. Take, for instance, the following:

Changing Sparkline Types
If, let’s say, you have created a Sparkline group, and changed you mind as to the type of design element you wish to use – No Problem! Simply select your Sparkline group and choose Sparkline Tools/Design. Then select one of the alternative types from the (guess what…) “Type” group.

Removing Sparklines
Very easy, and only slightly more difficult than you would expect. Once again, simply select the Sparkline group you wish to delete, choose Sparkline Tools/Design, and click the “Clear” button.

Sparklines! Simple, Powerful, and Effective. Next week we will look at some ways of highlighting values, and other customizing you can freely do with Sparklines!

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