Monday, September 18, 2017

Pivot Tables – A Final Look (for now…)

As is apparent in our exploration of Pivot Tables in the last three weeks, they are powerful, versatile, and a quick way to do analysis on the fly. This week, we will wrap up this series with a quick look at some additional ways to garner more utility out of this vital tool.

Changing the Summary Function
Go to any cell within the Values section of your Pivot Table and Right-Click. Then select Summarize Values By and click on the calculation of your choice (Sum, Count, Average, etc).

Changing How Values are Shown
In a similar way as you change the Summary function, Right-Click any value cell. Then select Show Values As and choose the calculation you wish to use (you may be surprised at the extensive list…).

Give Your Pivot Table Some Color
Providing some Design and Color can go a long way to making your Pivot Table easier and more pleasant to use. It can also add a considerable touch of professionalism that is so often lacking. Simply click on any cell within your table and open the Design tab/ribbon. Note that you can choose from a variety of Styles, as well as Banded Rows, Banded Columns, and a surprising assortment of Layout options.

Pivot Tables. Powerful, Versatile, Quick. Give them a try…

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