Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Data Entry

I know what you may be thinking, “Data Entry” – What a bore!  Yes, I agree, and that is why a few tricks are important to make this necessary function more stress-free.

Enter the highly useful Data Entry Form that for many gurus is an unlikely boon in Excel. In addition to being an efficient way to enter data into an Excel database, the Form also allows you to other useful functions such as:

   • Edit or delete individual records
   • Scroll through each of your data records
   • Locate records containing specific information

If you or someone you work with frequently adds records to databases, give the Data Form Tool a try.  For anyone who routinely enters data, it can make your life a bit easier, and “Easier” is always a good thing…

How to Add the Form to Your Workbook for Current Excel Users:

For users of Microsoft Excel 2007 – 2016, you won’t initially find the Data Form command in the Ribbon. To apply this command, you need to customize the Ribbon by simply doing the following:

1.    Click the File tab and Options button to enter the Excel Options
2.    Click the Customize button at left bar
3.    Select the Commands Not in the Ribbon and find out the Form from the command list
4.    Click the Add button
5.    Click the OK button to finish up

Now go to your database and select the Form from your Quick Access Toolbar.  Alacazam!  Up pops a new Data Entry Form for updating your database!  Ah, “Easy” is a good thing…

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