Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Named Range Shortcuts

As I have noted on several occasions, Naming Your Ranges is most assuredly a Best Practice when creating or maintaining a database in Excel. Employing Named Ranges is not very difficult, but using some Shortcuts is, of course, well, quicker and easier. Let’s look at Five Powerful Shortcuts that will be sure to elevate your reputation as The Excel Guru:

1. Name a Single Range
Select the range, and then click in the Name Box (far left on the formula bar) and type a One-Word Name. Piece of cake…

2. Name All Your Ranges at Once
Select your entire database including the headings with Ctrl + A and then click Ctrl + Shift + F3. Easy…

3. Navigate to a Named Range
Click F5 (Great shortcut for selecting Named Ranges!)

4. Edit a Named Range
To delete or edit a named range click Ctrl+F3. Couldn’t be simpler…

5. Display the Paste Names Dialog Box for Use in Formulas
Click F3 and use your arrow keypad to select (Extremely helpful when creating complex formulas)

Utilizing Named Ranges is an effortless way to expand your capabilities as an Excel user – Using Shortcuts with Named Ranges makes it easier.

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