Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pivot Tables

We just covered Pivot Tables in my current Intermediate Excel Class today, so I decided it would be a good topic for this week’s blog post.
Pivot Tables are truly amazing tools for quickly categorizing data in such a way that it makes analysis a Snap!  They are hugely powerful and easy to use.  Easy to use” you say?  Yes, in spite of the fact that many Excel users find them mystifying and perhaps a bit intimidating, they really are indeed very Easy!
Pivot Tables provide interactive ways to quickly encapsulate large data sets, and are designed for:
·        Querying large databases (which by refreshing the data can automatically update entire pivot table reports)
·        Subtotaling and aggregating data by categories and subcategories
·        Creating custom calculations and formulas
·        Filtering, sorting, and grouping a specific subset of data enabling you focus on the information you want

Pivot Tables flexibility is one of its key strengths.  With 3-4 easy clicks of a mouse, you can achieve a report that may otherwise take you hours to create.  Pivot Tables, powerful and easy tools that can make your Excel life easier.

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Dje said...

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