Thursday, June 9, 2016

Conditional Formatting Basics

Occasionally it is a good idea to Go Back to the Basics. By Highlighting important data in your tables or databases, you can quickly draw attention to the information you want to study.

Let’s say that you have a table showing the results of your sales force, and you wish to exemplify the Above-Average performers in your group. Here is an easy way to highlight these values in a range:
1.     At the bottom of your range, enter the formula for Average: =Average(range)
2.     Select the values in the range (not including the Average formula)
3.     On the Home tab, choose Conditional Formatting from the Styles menu
4.     Select Highlight Cells Rules / Greater Than
5.     Select the dialogue box and click on the cell in which you have the Average Formula
6.     Choose the Formatting (e.g. Bold font with a Yellow fill…) you wish to apply
7.     Click Enter and Bamm! Values that are Above-Average are highlighted!

Use this simple method to highlight Above-Average values (You are, after all,  Above-Average Yourself!)

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