Thursday, May 26, 2016

Deleting Old Records

There are often times in the real world when you want to update your databases or tables by deleting data that is no longer pertinent to your operation. Let’s say that you work in the HR department of your company and you want to tidy up your records to show only your Present Employees.  How can you do this without a great deal of effort?

Here is Fabulous way to select rows (or columns, cells, etc) in a database that contain a Key Word, and Delete Them All at Once. In our example the records you wish to delete all have the word Grohowski (who found greener pastures in another company) included in one of the cells.

Here is What You Do:
1)  Choose any cell in the database, and press Ctrl+F on your keyboard
2)  Type the Key Word (“Grohowski” in our example) in textbox and click the Find All button
3)  Now Select an item in the list, and press Ctrl+A to select the entire list
4)  Go to the Home tab, click the down-arrow on Delete (in the Cells group on the ribbon), and then click Delete Sheet Rows
5)  Voila!  Your unwanted records are history!

This remarkably simple trick can save you a great deal of work and help you maintain up-to-date records in your database. Try it out some time!

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