Thursday, November 19, 2015

Coolest Chart Titles!

I think we can all agree that Charts are tremendous depictions of data that conveys information in a powerful Visual manner.  Dynamically controlling your chart’s Titles, however, make the even better!

Let’s say that you have a table of data and a chart that changes dynamically every time you change the value in a dropdown box.  If you create and use interactive reports, (highly recommended), this is a common occurrence.  So, would it be possible to have the Title of the chart change to reflect the value (perhaps a name) chosen in the dropdown? Absolutely!
 This is an advanced, (but very easy) way to make the charts in your report Stand Out from the mundane masses.
Here is How It is Done:

Let’s say you have created a table of data that changes in accordance with the Employee Name shown in a Drop-Down Box (easily done using Validation / List), with and Equals Sign (=), you can Link the Chart Title to reflect the name chosen in the drop-down.

If your chart Does Not have a Title, do the following:
1.     Click anywhere in the chart
2.     On the Design tab, click a layout that contains a title from the Chart Layouts group
3.     Select the Chart Title
4.     Go to the Formula Bar and type an Equals Sign: “ =
5.     Then Select the Drop-Down Box Cell to which you want to link and click Enter

Bamm! Your chart's title changes is now Synced with the dropdown value!  Try using this technique and enjoy seeing your reputation as an Excel Guru grow even more!

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