Wednesday, August 5, 2015

3 New Functions in Excel 2013

The advent of Excel 2013 brought with it many new or enhanced features that users have wanted for a long time.  Among those were Several Cool Functions.  Now, Excel 2013 is certainly not New anymore, but some of the functions that were first introduced in this version are worth a closer look.

This function serves as a new informational tool. If you wish to quickly know whether a cell or range of cells contain a formula, using this function returns TRUE if the cell contains a formula and FALSE if not. Knowing the difference between data that was merely Entered and that which was Calculated, can serve as important referential purposes.

You can use the Count property VBA to give you the number of sheets in the current workbook, but who wants to mess around with VBA if you don’t have to! (apologies to my very geeky friends…).  The new SHEETS() function makes it slick and easy to obtain this information without having to resort to more difficult solutions.

The DAYS() function returns the number of days between two dates.  Simple as that.  Now this information has previously been available by merely subtracting the StartDate from the EndDate, but this function provides the ability to combine this floating data with other functions with a more minimalistic, elegant approach.

ISFORMULA(), SHEETS(), and DAYS(), all worthy of your attention when the time is right.  Good stuff…

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