Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Picture Your Access Data

Access 2013, as well as the previous versions of Access are excellent applications to house your company’s database.  In the latest version, you have the ability to build a Web App Database where data can be retrieved by various other programs including, of course, Excel.

Although Access is a powerful database tool, you may wish to be able to Visualize you data in the form of a well-constructed Chart.  For instance, let’s say that you have your net sales quantified by region, and you would like to slap together a quick Pie Chart for your presentation to the board.  Here is where Excel is your app of choice!

With Excel 2013 open, do the following:

1.   Open your Data ribbon

2.   Click on the Get External Data down arrow

3.   Select From Access

4.   Click on the Access File you wish to view

5.   Choose the Table you want to import and click OK

Your Access data will then be imported in a contemporary Excel Table from which you can select the data from which to make your Pie Chart.

Simple as that!  Importing and manipulating your Access data in Excel has never been easier.  Totally Cool!

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