Wednesday, September 3, 2014

PDF to Excel

As most any Excel user knows, it is a Snap to convert Excel to PDF.  All you have to do is use the Save as type dialogue box, and save your file as PDF (*pdf).  Easy!
But what about when you want to do the reverse?  That is, save a PDF as an Excel file.  Well, that is not quite so easy…

The Good News is that there a several niche software solutions available that handle saving PDF files as Excel worksheets very well.  They all handle some basic functions that the Excel user may want, including:

·        Retaining row and column structure

·        Convert PDF tables from scanned and image PDF into Excel

·        Perform batch conversions of multiple PDFs

·        Create and save templates for repeat conversions

Most also offer some advanced custom excel conversion features that some users may find advantageous.  These features vary from software to software, so if you have special needs in your conversions, it certainly is wise to compare before you buy.  As you can see by the following list of major PDF to Excel software, prices are similar:

·        Baltsoft PDF Converter - $99.00

·        Cogniview PDF2XL - $97.00

·        Investintech’s Able2Exract PDF Converter 8 - $99.95

·        Nitro - $139.95
Some also offer Free Online Converters that can be useful for more limited applications.  If your needs are limited, I would definitely suggest checking out a free solution first.  If your needs are frequent and more complex, however, this type of software can Save you Time and Money!

PDF to Excel.  It may be just what you need!

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