Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Excel Features on iPad

Back in April we talked about the advent of Excel, (along with Word and PowerPoint), on iPad.  For those of us who have become heavily dependent on iPads, this was great news!

As with any software product there is, of course, room for improvement.  Many of us submitted suggestions for Additional Features and Tools for this convenient addition to our Excel capabilities, and as of a few days ago, Microsoft has come out with the new Excel 1.1 for iPad.

So, what is new in Excel for iPads?  Here are some of what I consider to be the Best of the Best:

·        Flick to Select: This is remarkably easy and very handy.  Simply flick a cell’s selection handle in any direction to quickly select all the data in a row or column.  Very cool!

·        Use an External Keyboard:  Although I am not a big fan of using an external keyboard with an iPad, (it is a tablet, after all…), it is sometimes useful to do so.  Now you use the same keys to input data and move around a worksheet just as you would on your PC or Mac.  Good stuff!

·        Send Files as PDFs: You can now send Excel files as PDFs. 

·        More Printing Options: More control over the layout when printing your workbooks is a nice addition.

·        Work with PivotTables: You can now interact with PivotTables that have been created on a PC or Mac.  Great new feature for all of us geeks!

There are some additional new features, but the above are, in my opinion, the most utile.  Excel on iPad is getting More Powerful and Easier to use!  If you have an iPad, give it a try!

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