Thursday, March 27, 2014

Micro-Charts are Cool!

Charts and Graphs are, without a doubt, one of the things that Excel does best. They make your data Visually Accessible and enhances the user’s understanding of what is being said in your spreadsheets.

Micro-Charts are quite new, and have gained in popularity. They are a decidedly different and easy way to better communicate your data, but the earlier versions of Excel do not natively include useful tool. There are some workarounds, of course, and here is a way to make these cool little charts in Any Version of Excel!

This is Way Easy! Let’s say you have your Products in Column A as illustrated above, and in Column B you have the Items Sold. Here is the formula you should put in Cell C2 (and then copy it to C12):

= REPT( “l” , B2/10) 

Simple, isn't it?  For each Approximate Count of Ten, the formula puts a Hash Mark, (using a bold, simple font works well), in Column C. Add a bit of Conditional Formatting, and result is a clean, professional report that incorporates a Micro-Chart!

Try it out sometime and see what your colleagues think. I’m sure you will get Great Reviews!

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Anonymous said...

that's awesome, thanks Bob. I didn't know that one and it definitely looks super cool!