Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Go To Special

I have a question for you: Do you ever use Go To Special?

If you answered, “No” to the previous question, you are undoubtedly in the vast majority of other Excel users. You may find this to be a useful tool, however.

I’m quite sure that some time in your Excel career, you have found yourself wondering how you can locate certain types of cells within your worksheets. For example, you may have wanted to find the cells in your worksheet which contain Formulas, or perhaps those which have Conditional Formats.

You may be pleased to know that Excel provides a terrific Tool to help you locate these and many other Special Types of cells. The Go To Special dialog box can provide you with options you may not have realized that you have in Excel.

You can find this nifty tool on the far right of your Home Ribbon. Simply click on Find and Select and choose Go To Special. Once there you can choose Comments, Constants, Formulas, Blanks, Current Region, as well as many other choices.

Now that your cells have been selected, you can perform whatever operation you may see fit. This simple tool can save you a lot of time searching through your worksheets, and can inevitably Help You Prevent Errors.

Go To Special; A useful tool to have in your Excel arsenal!

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