Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Take Excel for a Spin!

Since we haven’t discussed “Spinner” buttons for over 2 years, let’s take a look at this sophisticated, but easy-to-master, way to control your data.

To add a Spinner in Excel 2007 or 2010, click the Developer tab ribbon(which is simple to add to your toolbar, if it is not already there). Then click Insert (on the ribbon, not the toolbar), and click Spin Button in the Controls section. (You can size the Spinner to your liking.)

Now is when the Cool Stuff begins! Right-click on the Spinner, and then click Format Control. On the Format Control tab complete the values as follows (this is a example, ma’am or sir, only a example…):

1. Current value: 1
2. Minimum value: 1
3. Maximum value: 10
4. Incremental value 1
5. Cell link: $B$2 (Note: Any of these values can be of your own choosing.)

Now when you click the Spinner control, cell B2 is be updated according to the parameters you set. If you have created a worksheet where other cell values or results are dependent on the value in B2, your worksheet will update according to the quantity you select with the Spinner.

How cool is that! Make your Excel worksheets look like someone spent hours of programming time on them in just 5 minutes. Some amazing additions to your worksheets are just too good to pass up, so give this a try sometime (people will think you are a Star!).

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