Thursday, March 15, 2012

Add a Watermark!

There are times when an Excel user may want to include a WATERMARK to indicate a Special Status of an Excel worksheet. You may wish to mark it CONFIDENTIAL or DRAFT, and a watermark can be an ideal solution.

Although this functionality is not built-in to Excel, it is not difficult to place a Picture in your Header to mimic this effect with a few brief steps:

1. Using WordArt, you can easily create an image (such as CONFIDENTIAL) and then upload it into Paint (or other image-handling app) and save it as a .png file.

2. Open the worksheet in which you wish to display your watermark

3. Click on Header & Footer on the Insert tab ribbon

4. Click on Picture on Design tab ribbon and choose your watermark picture

5. Resize your watermark picture by clicking on Format Picture dialog box, select the Options that you want on the Size tab.

It may take a few minutes to do this the first time, but the results are really quite effective. If you ever need a Watermark in your Excel worksheet, give it a try!

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