Monday, July 13, 2009

Instant Stock Quotes and Research

Would you like to see how your favorite stocks are doing? Well, you can always go to some research site on the web or check a newspaper (remember newspapers?). If you have Excel open, however, here is a very cool and easy way to find out what is happening on Wall Street.

Simply enter the stock symbol (e.g. GOOG, SBUX, GM, etc.) in a cell and do the following:
1. Alt+click on the cell to launch the Research Pane
2. Select stock quotes to see MSN Money Stock Quotes from the dropdown box
3. Presto! There is your information!

Want more information? Use the dropdown box to choose Thomson Gale Company Profiles and dig even deeper into the mysteries of the market. The next time your boss mentions the stock market, ask her if she would like to see this cool trick (you’ll get that corner office before you know it…).

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