Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Cloud Rules!

Let’s face it, tablets and so-called phablets (a term I find curiously disturbing) are where the world is today, and there is an ever-increasing amount of Real Work done on these devices.

The Cloud is making all of this practical and efficient, and this is very much the case with Excel.  When it comes to Microsoft, OneDrive has replaced the previously-called SkyDrive, and it has become easier and more intuitive than ever to use.
By placing your Excel workbooks on OneDrive, they can be shared on any of your devices.  All you need to do is save your Excel file to your OneDrive and it is there whenever and wherever you need it.  Since I commonly switch from a conventional PC to a laptop to an iPad during the day, I am finding the capacity to do this a Great Convenience 
That’s not all, of course.  In addition to easily saving your Excel masterpiece to OneDrive and accessing it on your other devices, you can also Share It with the World if you so choose.  Simply click Share on the left panel, save it to OneDrive and then complete the Invite People feature to provide them access to your work.  What makes this Especially Cool is that the other parties with whom you are sharing Do Not even have to have Excel on their computer!  This is a great attribute, as not everyone has Excel on All of their devices (the Luddites – Ha!).

Since the learning curve is now not at all steep for creating/modifying Excel workbooks on tablets, the opportunity is presented to not only share your work, but also work on your work while on a tablet, phablet, or maybe in the not-so-distant future, on a smartphone (of course, this may require some very keen eyesight…).  Is it all about work, work, work, you say?  Well, perhaps you have a point.  In my next blog I’ll show you something really Fun (and perhaps a bit useless) to do in Excel.


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