Thursday, December 18, 2014

Medical Records and Excel

Having been diagnosed with a bit of pneumonia a couple of days ago, and getting a laundry list of medications to manage, it occurred to me that Excel would likely be a good friend in this regard.  So I created a simple spreadsheet/checklist to help me keep track of the what and when of my meds.

But wait!  Excel can do so much more: A brief amount of investigation revealed that, indeed, Excel offers a great deal of potential premade assistance to individuals wanting to track their medical concerns. Included in this group are the following templates:

·       Weight Loss Tracker with BMI

·       Blood Pressure Tracker

·       Calorie Amortization Schedule

·       Blood Sugar Tracker

·       Exercise Planner

·       Fitness Progress Tracker

There are many third-party predesigned dashboards, databases, and templates created for medical professionals as well.  A few of the most notable are those from:

·       Chandoo

·       Softonic

·       Tableau Software

In addition to a these out-of-the-box suggested formats, good old Pivot tables can be a tremendous boon, especially for medical professionals.

There are applications in Excel that can touch a myriad of facets of our personal, as well as our professional lives.  This is simply one more way that Excel can be of assistance.

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