Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Graphics in Excel

Excel users can be a funny lot.  Many of us tend to think of anything outside of cold, hard data is a waste of time and, moreover, rather frivolous.  Data and, more importantly, Information is, of course, what Excel is all about.  The thing is, though, it doesn’t have to be dull.

Excel is actually loaded with an array of graphics tools that can make your spreadsheets more engaging and readily informative.  Let’s look at some ways this can be done:

 Interesting Charts

Using some lively graphics can add real Pop to an otherwise sufficient chart.  Plotting Surfing Days in Southern California?  Use Surfboards in your chart!


You can find SmartArt in the Illustrations group on the Insert ribbon.  SmartArt quickly enables you to create diagrams of Org Charts, Processes, Cycles, and much more.


Enter some eye-catching stylized text with Word Art objects.  Just click on the WordArt dropdown button from the Text group and choose a style that appeals to you.  You can resize and drag this text to any part of your worksheet.


Let’s not forget the readymade shapes that add Functionality, as well as engaging panache to your Excel workbooks.  You can add Words and Hyperlinks to these easily-created shapes, enabling the user to navigate to anywhere you wish them to go
There are several other ways to add graphics to your Excel masterpieces, of course, and they can indeed add a touch of brilliance to your work.  I encourage you to try them out on your next report.  I’m sure your users will approve!

Happy Holidays All!

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