Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Shortcut to Your Shortcuts

Even if you read this blog only occasionally, you know that I am a Huge Fan of Keyboard Shortcuts. There is no doubt that using keyboard shortcuts makes you more Efficient and Productive (particularly true on larger displays). An additional benefits is that these shortcuts also save stress on your hand and wrist.

The Problem is that Keyboard Shortcuts are hard to remember. Of course you can use a Cheat Sheet, run drills, or regularly devote a small amount of time to learning these wonderful tools. This will be time well spent, as the efficiently gained will pay dividends for years to come.

An alternative way to use these Efficiency Gems is to use a Special Trick that most Excel users are not aware of. Here is What You Do:

1.  Simply Select any Cell or Range on a worksheet without activating the cursor

2.  Press the Forward Slash key on your keyboard or number pad, and Presto

3.  Letter Labels will magically appear across your toolbar (e.g. ‘F’ for File, ‘H’ for Home, ‘N’ for Insert, etc)

4.  Type the letter that corresponds to the Ribbon you wish to view and Bamm, you will be taken to the ribbon of your choice which will also have Labels that you can choose with your keyboard!

This is a remarkably easy and effective way to get in step with using Keyboard Shortcuts. It is, in effect, a Shortcut to Your Shortcuts!

I hope you have a Safe and Truly Wonderful Thanksgiving!  ~Bob

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