Thursday, December 5, 2013

Staying Current with Currency

It can be interesting to see which Excel topics are the most popular over a span of years. Perhaps ever-increasing globalization accounts for the attention paid to downloading Currency Rates into Excel. This topic alone has gotten over 2,000 hits on this humble site in the last two years.

Excel 2013 Update:

Somewhat curiously, however, it is not quite as easy to access and download the MSN Money Central currency data with Excel 2013 as it was with earlier versions. Although that is the case, a Few Easy Steps is all it takes to import this information into the current Excel version. Here is

What You Do in Excel 2013:

1.   Open a new workbook and select cell A1

2.  Access the Data ribbon, go to Get External Data, and click on From Web

3.   Paste the following link into the Address textbox:

4.  When you click on the Import button in the lower right, you get the following dialogue box:

5.   By clicking on the Properties… button in the lower-left, you can choose to Save Query Definition and Refresh every 60 minutes (or however long you choose…)

6.  Click OK

Now you will get the Current Currency Rates whenever you open this workbook. Pretty Cool, eh? Let’s see, as of this writing, you can get approximately 62 Indian Rupees for 1 US Dollar.

  Sounds like it is time to do a little traveling!

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