Thursday, November 14, 2013

Double-Click: The Big List

Although I am a fan of using Keyboard Shortcuts, the Mouse also offers unique opportunities to augment your life on your worksheets. One way to enhance your maneuverability in Excel is to master the art of Double-Clicking. 

 Here are 10 Amazing Ways to Use Double-Click: 

 1. Perfectly Adjust Column Widths – Just select Multiple Columns and Double-Click on the separators; Works for adjusting row heights too.

 2. Auto-Fill a Series of Cells with Data or Formulas - Just select the formula in first cell, Double-Click in the “handle” (small Black Square in bottom-right-corner) and Presto! This works for formulas, auto-fills (of numbers, dates, etc) as long as the adjacent column has data.

 3. Rename a Worksheet Tab: Double-clicking the tab allows you to immediately edit the name.

 4. Insert a Split - Double-Click just above scroll-bar to include a horizontal split; Works for a vertical split too, by clicking on the little bar shape next to the right of horizontal scroll-bar.

 5. Edit a Cell Formula: Double-click any cell to edit its contents in place (rather than using the formula bar.)

 6. Close Excel 2007 (only) – Simply Double-Click the Office Button.

 7. Collapse Ribbon to Get More Space – I like this one. Just Double-Click on ribbon Menu Names.

 8. Lock Format Painter – Save a Ton of Time by Double-Clicking on the Format Painter icon, making it Reusable. (So Cool!..)

 9. Jump to Last Row / Column in Table – Another old favorite: Just select a cell, and Double-Click on the cell-border in the direction you want to go. Bamm! You’re there!

 10. Pivot Table Drill-Down: Double-click on any data value within a pivot table to instantly create a new worksheet which will show the Underlying Records that comprise that value.

 Double-Clicking: Demonstrate your Mastery of Excel with this Important Tool!

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