Thursday, June 9, 2011

Trendline Before and After

Charts are, of course, a wonderful way to communicate information in your Excel Worksheet. A well-designed chart can immediately translate your data in a compelling visual way. Sometimes, however, your chart may need a little help.

The overall trend of your data is valuable information that may not be readily discernable. As in the case of the illustration above, is the trend up, down, or flat? It is not easy to tell. This is where a simply applied Trendline can make all the difference in the communicative value of your chart.

To add a Trendline, simple right-click on the Data Series Line on your chart, and choose Add Trendline from the dropdown list. This will immediately insert a Trendline on your chart.

But don’t stop there! Right-click your Trendline and add some formatting magic to make it look professional in every sense. Changing the Color, Weight, and Line Style can make a world of difference.

As in the illustration below, it is now easy to see that there is an overall upward trend in your data. Good News, if you are in Sales!

Trendlines. Easy stuff. Give them a try!

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