Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top Ten Favorite Shortcuts for 2011

Every year or so, I like to access what my Current Favorite Excel Keyboard Shortcuts are. This changes over time as I learn new tricks and incorporate them into my daily work with Excel.

Believe me; if you are not using keyboard shortcuts on a regular basis, you are letting yourself down. They add speed, efficiency, relief from the stress of overusing the mouse, and they are Just Plain Cool!

So, in David Letterman-style, here are my current favorite (and highly recommended) Top Ten Excel Shortcuts in reverse order:

10. Shift + F3 (Pulls up your Insert Function – Handy!)
 9. F5 (Brings up the Go TO dialogue box – Great for navigating to a named range)
 8. Ctrl + F4 (Closes the Current Window – Quick and easy!)
 7. Ctrl + P (Pulls up the Print Dialog Box – Gotta love it)
 6. F12 (Brings up the Save As dialogue – Nice!)
 5. Ctrl + Z (Undo Previous Action – Oldie, but a goodie)
 4. Ctrl + H (Find and Replace – I use it often!)
 3. Alt + = (Brings up the AutoSum – Beats going to the toolbar)
 2. Ctrl + Home (Brings you to the Start of the Worksheet – It is always good to go home)

And My Current Number One Best Shortcut Is (Drum Roll and Cymbals, Please)...

 1. F11 (Creates an Instant Chart – Always a crowd pleaser!)

There you have it! Try a few of them, and see how they can make your Excel life better!

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